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The start of the panel-unfolding process, which was supposed to begin before midnight Wednesday, was delayed by a software glitch. Eastern time Thursday, the first set of panels began unfolding from their boxy containers. When a similar set of panels was deployed in , the array banged and flapped as it opened.

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This time, the panels were opened a little, then extended to 49 percent of their full length while the station aimed them toward the sun. They basked for 30 minutes in the warming rays before the process resumed. Then we took off our aprons, straightened our steamy hair and clothes, put on coats and scarves and gloves that felt like much too much, and stepped outside into the cold, cold dark.

The band thus fed and the people assembled, the brief spoken part of the sunrise service outside the church starts and ends in a matter of minutes. That is, the band divides into two groups, one section playing a musical phrase which is then answered by the other musicians who have walked ahead silently. This leap-frogging seemed to my young self to happen magically, and the echoing sound of the antiphonal brass music erased all thoughts of cold feet and ankles wet with dew from the carefully tended grass among the graves, scrubbed clean by family members the week before.

Once everyone is assembled again, another brief service of music, prayer, and rejoicing is held. In my memory, half of the band should be off camera to the right, marching ahead towards their next stop to play. The other half should be hidden behind the faithful on the left, standing and playing their part of the antiphonal music. Moravians have a strong sense of equality in life and project that evenness into death.

This equal standing concept is carried out visually as well.

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Every white stone grave marker is the same shape and size about eighteen inches by twenty-four and lies flat on the ground. Andi Reynolds has been an award-winning writer and editor for more than 30 years.

She's lived in several states with her husband Dennis and always two or three large dogs of some breed or variety. Her passions are cooking, reading and quilting. Read more stories by Andi Reynolds.

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From general store to a hundred shows, this star in the Ozarks has always had a visionary, hard-working, entrepreneurial spirit to keep it going. Take a day trip to this Mississippi city to explore its impressive musical heritage and get a glimpse of a million-dollar guitar.

If he or she travels enough or lives long enough in the South, even a Yankee can start to catch on to some of the, ahem, particularities of Southern living. Have something interesting to add?

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Questions to ask? There is so much going on that it is sometimes difficult to keep pace with all the names of the characters, their roles and involvement with the hijacked plane. I feel the author wanted to cover all too many angles. In my opinion, the novel would benefit from letting go of some of the protagonists thus narrowing the focus and concentration onto a few selected characters.

Dawn's Early Light

I look forward to reading the next Mike Elliot Thriller! Lee Duffy is a former Army Green Beret and Ranger with extensive experience in special operations, counter-terrorism, intelligence, law enforcement, and security. He is retired from both the U. Army and the U. Department of Homeland Security. Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email.

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