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It was a kind of survival shooting I would say, and I learned a lot. I know how to be reasonable with what I shoot. I learned in those early days how to prepare. It almost comes across as the opposite of the music video for My Way by Sid Vicious. Who were the actual band members on stage? How did you approach them about being a part of the movie? He goes by the stage name Bela B. They are very popular in Germany, and have a huge following. Diabolique: Schramm was the last movie you worked on before German Angst It reminded me of certain aspects of Nekromantik, especially how it studies the character traits of a serial killer.

The title character in particular seems reminiscent of Carl Panzram. I think a lot of films came out about serial killers, but I was always disappointed with them because they never cared about the serial killer. That was the freedom we took. Diabolique: I always found it interesting when the love interest goes away with businessmen, and they dress her in attire similar to a member of the Hitler youth. I was curious about what went into conceptualizing that scene in particular.

He could have been her savior, maybe. I think these people who tie her up in the ending are worse. We had a concept for them but we never had the money to shoot them all. They would be like club of people, the type that appeared in Hostel later on, people who pay others to kill one another, that was what we had in our mind. Diabolique: Besides the comics, stage plays, and movies, I was surprised you also worked on a German sci-fi television show called LEXX. He saw some of my movies and he got some financing from the German film fund and had to spend some money in Germany.

He gave me a job to produce one of his episodes for a Canadian director and direct an episode in Canada.


That was one of the first series to include digital effects, so it was a lot of work in front of a green screen. I earned some money, but it was boring. What I ended up doing a little earlier was second unit and special effects on a film called Killer Condom , which was later picked up by Troma for distribution in the United States. So I had a mainstream film experience, but I could see pretty soon that it was not very satisfying to me because I was looking for more artistic freedom.

I found that on the stage, because the stage is different from filmmaking. If you remember, my films have been done with no money. You can only do that for a certain time. It was mainly friendship that made my early films possible. Where do you see yourself in this lineage? JB: I would see myself where the movies came from, the underground.

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What he did in the United States is what I did in Germany. Maybe with different films, but he was a big influence on me. Speaking of the expressionist cinema, I recreated Nosferatu for the stage. I took the old film scene by scene and created a play out of it. That was pretty successful over here in Germany in the city of Dortmund.

We have this sort of responsibility, because we created the horror genre in Germany, but the Second World War ruined all of that. Diabolique: Besides John Waters, who else would you name as some of your favorite directors and influences? I saw it as a kid and was totally amazed; it was such an influence on me. Diabolique: What advice would you give to aspiring filmmakers who are just starting out and are working with little to no money?

When I started out it was really hard. You had to learn to operate a camera and come up with the money to do the editing. Everything I had to work for you can do with your cell phone today.

I would think it would be easy to do a movie; you could even distribute and show it online. Diabolique: Aside from the new stage play, what else should we be keeping our eyes out for? The stage plays and comic books are all in the German language. Many people thought I stopped being artistic, but I just turned out to be a professional. I think German Angst has just been given a blu ray treatment in the United States, and I think distribution is sort of tricky at the moment.

The comic books could be translated into English, so maybe an English distributor can buy the Captain Berlin comics and put them out. Diabolique: And this is where the original concept of Captain Berlin comes from, correct? All of the things I put into the comic where he fights against Adolf Hitler would have been impossible at the time of this pop culture in the United States. Over here, something like this never happened. I also do film reviews for radio and magazines and I always try to explain genre and pop culture to people who are over here.

Diabolique: Will we see another run of the Nekromantik toys that came out last year? JB: That was more of a joke and an art type of thing. There was 30 made for the films thirtieth anniversary, and we also made a Todesking action figure as well. The artist who does the sculpting of the action figures is from a small toy label called Goodleg toys. Mein Papi , my short film, was being presented at art galleries recently over here. Last year in Austria we had a show with old movie props of mine called The Remains of Cinema.

PDF Todeskind: Thriller (German Edition)

There might be something over here next year in Berlin as well, an exhibition of movie props and some film screenings complete with original artwork. Diabolique: Speaking of Mein Papi , I had never heard of it until recently. I found it to seem very personal. JB: It is, yes. When the film was new, I screened it at punk clubs and everyone was laughing. Whenever I screen it now, nobody laughs anymore. Diabolique: I could definitely see that. After watching Nekromantik , Der Todesking and Schramm , it was interesting seeing a tribute to your father.

It will probably be included in an upcoming release of Schramm , possibly this year. You will see a print that is much higher in quality. I would like to thank you for taking the time to talk with us over at Diabolique. Your email address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

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One comment. Graham Rae August 2, at pm. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. All Rights Reserved. Powered by Diabolique Productions. Posted by Peter Fuller. Written in three days and nights — especially for Riefenstahl, who would go on to direct the Nazi propaganda films, Der Sieg des Glaubens , Triumph of the Will , and Tag der Freiheit — The Holy Mountain aka Der Heilige Berg took over a year to film at the Atelier Staaken studio in Berlin and on mountain locations in Switzerland, with an entourage of expert skiers and climbers.

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Digitally restored in 2K, The Holy Mountain is a visual feast — and a fascinating look at the origin of a genre. Order via the Eureka Store or Amazon. In German, with subtitles. Leave a comment. Feb As a chain letter from an unseen, unknown group circulates encouraging its recipients to end their lives, a series of grim murder-suicides unfold over the course of a week while a body rots in limbo… But could this all be in the mind of a schoolgirl?

On Monday, a hard-working white collar worker climbs into a bath and takes a lethal overdose of pills. On Tuesday, a slacker settles down to watch a Nazi death camp exploitation VHS film in which a victim is castrated with a pair of shears. But when his wife returns, he pulls out a gun and blows her head off and then frames her bloodstains.

But before she can shoot, he takes the gun from her and blows his head off. On Thursday, the names of several people who committed sucide appear over shots of a bridge where people have jumped to their deaths. On Friday, a woman living alone is so jealous of the couple in the apartment opposite that she schemes to interrupt their love-making. On Saturday, a projector plays several reels of 16mm film in which a woman ties a camera to her body and heads to a heavy metal gig where she films herself shooting a gun at the concert-goers before turning it on herself.

On Sunday, a man, driven to madness by some unspecified mental disturbance, repeatedly slams his head into a wall before collapsing in a pool of his own blood. W hile the other vignettes deal with some very serious issues: rejection, depression and mental illness. Der Todesking is all bound together by some polar opposite imagery: a rotting corpse in limbo like a Francis Bacon painting: all fleshy tones set against a blackened backdrop and a little girl happily drawing a image of Death which bizarrely has become a popular tattoo in a playground where the gay laughter of other children can also be heard.