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Talk to your program lead. Talk to your parents or others back home. Writing down your thoughts each day will not only help you look back on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, but it will also help you internalize how you are feeling each day in a completely candid way.

It may also help you detect which activities are bringing you sadness or joy, and you can begin to focus more on which aspects of your trip are bringing you the most happiness. While abroad, there are certain things that you can do for yourself to prioritize your health.

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It can be easy to stay in your apartment and keep to yourself. Taking actionable steps for yourself to maximize your time abroad, in combination with letting those close to you understand how you are feeling, will set you up for success during your travels. Check out this blog written by Samina Abdullah from the University of Michigan.

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I went to class by day and interned at Bonjoro , the startup I was paired with, in the evening. On the weekends and during the various breaks that I had throughout the semester, I would adventure and learn more about Australia by delving into the cuisine, art, and nightlife. However, while I really enjoyed exploring the country and all that it had to offer, I never got the time to document my travels! I had a travel journal, but it was never in reach. Not only that, but Bonjoro was a tight-knit startup. We would casually chat about how he came up with the idea for his products, and he would drop gems of wisdom on being fearless and taking that initial leap.

These conversations with investors and various stakeholders is what set the seed for what would become the iTravel Journal app. After my life-changing experience through the Sage Corps program, I made a pact to myself that I would travel to a new location every year. Every new location I go I would have amazing food and experience new ways of life…but still kept forgetting to keep notes. Thus, my idea came alive: an app that functions as a travel journal.

I sketched out the initial design and my vision came to light - a simple and easy way to save your favorite locations abroad with notes. Feedback is a gift and a curse, but it ultimately allowed me to create the first version of the application. It was amazing that I was able to take a real world problem that I experienced on the Sage Corps program and beyond, and create something out of it - which is the essence of software engineering.

Read on to learn more about what startup internships have to offer:. Experience Lab at UC Berkeley. Buenos Aires. Mexico City. San Francisco. How It Works. Advisory Board. A sure Sixer! The young entering the workforce today bring new and exciting skills that open up new possibilities for organizations and by , Generation Y staffers will account for two-thirds of all employees in the global workforce.

However, this generation is unlike any other having grown up in an age of technology, greater access to education and a much freer lifestyle which fosters different motivators, needs and priorities than previous generations. These new motivators are at odds with what employers have traditionally expected.

Dr Sengupta skilfully explores this nexus in greater depth than most other research available. Moreover, he goes further by providing a step-by-step guide to winning over millennial staff and consumers—something not covered in any other research that comes to mind. This book is essential for leaders of organizations, talent acquisition and management staff as well as sales and marketing experts trying to reverse declining sales trends.

This book must be on your desk! One can experience the painstaking research effort and the authentic enquiry adopted by Debashish as we immerse in its thought-provoking and gripping content.

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How To Use A Sage Stick To Cleanse Myself & My Space

The book is rich with facts and feelings ascribed to this cohort aptly called now as the most disruptive population to inhabit the world. It makes the much needed and timely contribution to the global imperative of millennial engagement not just within organizations and workplaces but also in the burgeoning social and formal marketplace as consumers of products and services.

In fact, millennials are becoming the biggest spending generation, but many corporates fail to tap into their buying power because of not just ineffective marketing strategies but also in failing to realize that they are a unique lot with some distinctive characteristics.

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A classic contribution has been made by the author to guide organizations and professionals discover practical ways to engage millennials through some revealing behavioural insights and workplace culture design strategies. It indeed enables crucial paradigm shifts by uncovering the truth behind some myths and stereotypes about millennials.

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This book delves deep into the universe of the human mind with Generation Y at its core. Rapid pace of change has the potential to widen the disconnect between generations in various spheres of life disturbing peace at personal and societal levels. Understanding, as rightly pointed out by the author, is a prerequisite for effective and fruitful engagement across generations. Rarely do we come across a book like this. Usefulness of this book extends far beyond workplace and marketplace. The importance of this subject is widely known, but mostly spoken with individual perceptions.


This book will help us to understand millennials while defining the workplace policies and practices, taking into account the fact that by half of the population in India will be below 25 years of age. The Republic , d. The View from Above , p. Oxford University Press. Only the Present is our Happiness , p. Arthur J.

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