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Here are a few simple tips to create cleaner recyclables that will help us reduce landfill and produce clean materials for manufacturing. There is a bin for everything we throw out.

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When in doubt, click the button below and find out which bin is the right one. Single-use plastics and excessive and unnecessary packaging are everywhere. Bananas in plastic bags. Zucchinis on Styrofoam trays wrapped in film plastic.

Say NO to plastic. It also shows new footage from inside the auction room - including a clip of the button which triggered the shredding being pressed.

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Alex Branczik, Sotheby's head of contemporary art in Europe, has also reiterated in a new interview that the auction house was not in on the stunt. He said the reason the shredder wasn't detected by Sotheby's staff is they had been instructed the frame was a key part of the work.

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Speaking to The Art Newspaper , Branczik explained: "Pest Control [Banksy's authentication board] said very clearly: the frame is integral to the art work. Asked how the conservator did not spot the frame's double thickness and apparent weight from the attached shredder, he replied: "You address what you see, it was more like a sculpture.

Inside Banksy's 'Love Is In The Bin' Exhibition at the Museum Frieder Burda in Germany

If it says the frame is integral, you don't rip it apart. Andy Warhol's famous collection of Campbell's soup cans started off as individual pieces which didn't sell particularly well, and then were brought back together and sold as a single unit as if that was always the intention. Even dear old Marcel Duchamp, who as we know started all this, only retrospectively decided his bicycle wheel placed on top of a stool was a work of art, as opposed to an amusing distraction for him in his studio in Paris. So there is precedent for an object to be retrospectively deemed an artwork by the artist.

But that doesn't answer the question which is crossing most people's minds, I would imagine; would it have been worthless if the action had succeeded, and the canvas had fully shredded? Judging by the title that Banksy has given the work, the intention was for the artwork to be a shredded canvas on the floor, beneath an empty frame. Please return your bin back onto your property as soon as reasonably possible after collection. Do not leave a bin permanently on the footpath.

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DO make sure your bin is available on your designated bin collection day, by the time stated for your area. Bin collection times may vary due to operational changes. However, we will try to catch up as soon as possible. We will collect bins from unadopted roads providing that the road is safe for the bin lorry. The driver will decide on the day whether the road is safe.

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