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Of course, most of us work long days outside the home, and then there is that annoying issue of remembering to water your little garden in the first place. Then there are the watering restrictions in many communities as the majority of states here in the U. A timeless design , however, is one water-efficiency answer to the question of how to keep that garden growing while maintaining a busy schedule and, of course, doing all of this sustainably. GrowOya is the venture of three gardening aficionados who wanted to find an easy yet responsible way to keep gardens blooming and producing.

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They can work in planters, raised beds and, of course, larger backyard and community gardens. Oya and Merve had a big confrontation with Serhan in the 28th episode of Small Murders.

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  6. There was a debate about Serhan among the duo talking about the car that Oya had used. Oya Merve said hard she was with her husband. Merve confessed her love for Serhan. Merve returned to rage, clinging to the wheel of Oya's car and driving away from the car. She said, "You will tell everyone". The news that Oya died at one point.

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    On the other hand, Serhan has suffered love for Oya. Let's see if Merve comes out of this nightmare, or will everything get worse and turn into a dark night?

    see Oyas world is enlightened by a message he receives, but first he has to complete his report with the darkness. It's not like we're dying.