No Wake Zone: I will make sure justice is done.

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Since, according to this article people are too reactive to be legally entitled to pursue justice on their own behalf, yet, the system entrusted to serve justice is rotten to the core and in blatant breach of that trust, what are the victims supposed to do? When the threat is still imminent and the perpetrator still inside a danger zone and your family is not safe and your most precious, innocent family member has been permanently damaged and will suffer the consequences of the crime her entire life, and you are falling apart at the seams trying to swallow the very bitter pill that the violation and attack you don't know how to recover from was allowed to happen and nothing will come of it, ever.

The guilty party will never be held accountable and will not suffer one day for his actions, but instead he will walk away Scott free, continue to hurt someone you care about and in all probability victimize many more innocents in the future, causing unimaginable trauma to countless others. What is the "right" path? When you are so distraught that it's eating you from the inside out and you already crippled life is swirling down the drain and you are powerless to stop it or do anything besides sit paralyzed with your feelings, and try to assimilate the trauma and anguish you feel and the magnification of the hurt you feel because Justice has not been served and never will be.

What do you do when you are forced to live with the knowledge that the person who indelibly vandalized the emotional wellbeing and peace inside your home, and the ability of those for whom you are responsible to ever find true happiness has been compromised? What do you do if the mere act of notifying others of the accusation would result in facing legal charges yourself because of the failure of law enforcement to press charges?

What do you do if you are plagued by nightmares that the next victim to come forward could have been prevented by you if you only ACTED? What do you do when, in your deepest despair and amidst feelings of helplessness and frustration you have concluded that revenge will never do any good for anyone, but that justice is mandatory or your own mental health will continue to deteriorate until you are no longer any good to anyone?

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What's the answer? No one should be forced to sacrifice themselves or their loved ones in order to obey the unjust rules of society that are no longer serving anyone but criminals. When human being are forced to deny their most primal instincts, psychological unrest results and trauma accumulates over time, until eventually depression and anxiety evolved to become PTSD and annihilation anxiety which morphs into psychic trauma and psychosis and eventually, after being forced to endure unrighted wrongs and untreated emotional wounds, pschopathy results.

That's already reached epidemic proportions in our society. Look around, read reputable news, study the raw data regarding mental health, learn about the long term affects crime has on the mental health of traumatized victims, look at our justice system and how effectively we prosecute and punish crimes that have an actual victim, compared to crimes prosecuted on behalf of the "public good". Look at mental health issues and how traumatic events are identified and treated, especially for those whose victimization has not be acknowledged, the perpetrator not held accountable and the trauma not recognized or treated.

People are going crazy at an astonishing rate and the relationship of mental illness to childhood crime is impossible to ignore. But in a society where Justice is not the driving influence of decisions made by law enforcement officer, the courts or the prosecutors, it is no surprise that crime rates continue to rise, victims continue to be ignored and more people end up losing their sanity in the face of unrelenting suffering for which their is no retribution, recognition, validation, protection or recourse.

So, from your viewpoint because you seem certain individuals should not have the authority to defend themselves or seek retribution outside the norms and laws of society, because they cannot be trusted with the responsibility of treating those who have hurt them fairly and with just and appropriate punishment, what are those who wish to maintain their sanity supposed to do when the emotional devastation and psychic trauma begins to consume them, and the only way they can think of to slow their descent into madness is to act in their own best interest, for a change, instead of the best interest of corrupt lawmakers, order followers and those who have power and exert control over others, and have become irreversibly corrupt and lawless themselves?

I think it boils down to each individual. A large company recently smashed into our shop. Causing damage to property and person. It could have killed a child. Its even on cctv. Yet the fact that they can hire any lawyer and drag this out in court and would leave us bankrupt is not justice.

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They have enough money to buy the judges and probably put a bullet in my head without even thinking twice. Sorry but there is no justice like this. You might say revenge is not an option, but how many people have to suffer before it does become an option. Do you have a number. How many people should die? The justice system is completely broken. It serves only a few compared to the majority who cannot do anything. We celebrate stories like robin hood. Its only because we know there is no justice.

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Everyone has their own choice to make. If you are lucky you may get justice in court. But for most its highly unlikely. So many people have walked free of murder. Just because of money. If justice cannot serve you, revenge is the only option. Else you have to suffer your entire life.

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In school, we tell our children to stand up for themselves. Again why? Because its wrong. When a child commits suicide, because of bullying. Where will you get justice? No where.

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Criminals have too much power. They wear nice suits and can do anything and get away with it. Its sad you cant see it and you promote justice. Sometimes someone or a group of people is blamed for something that is not their fault but the revengeful person or persons decides to pursue them anyway because they desperately wants to hold someone accountable; this is called scapegoating.

Often revenge is about scapegoating. Look at the case of the Boy called It. His mother blamed him for everything and felt perfectly justified in abusing him over and over again. It made her feel empowered. When he finally confronted her as an adult, she talked about her own mother abusing her; she had all this anger and she released on an innocent. People aren't necessarily objective. What if you are wrongly blamed? Think of the witch trials of long ago that still exist today in different forms. Think about Emmett Till who was beaten to death because his murderer sought revenge and felt perfectly justified in torturing and killing Emmett because the fourteen year boy whistled at his wife in a grocery store.

Jewish people were blamed for all society's ills by Hitler and they were rounded up and disposed of and the revengeful people who did this, Nazis and others, felt perfectly okay with this wicked behaviour. That's why revenge is wrong. This is article is correct; we can't give into hate no matter what. We can't run off and think we are the ones to right a wrong; we might be wrong. And in cases where the perpetrator is guilty, it isn't up to us to punish him because that leads to a world with no rules, a Purge world. Justice means patience; revenge means immediate gratification. And what if you're wrong about someone?

Have you ever falsely accused someone to discover that you were wrong? To find the broach you thought was stolen. To listen to gossip that was false. Speak up, get justice but don't go down the dark path or you'll never find you're way back. Economists, psychologists, sociologists, and theologians are just propaganda mouthpieces to justify society and its various systems.

There is no God, there is no morality, and governments for all their pretenses of being God also possess no morality. All governments rule by either convincing people to be sheep and accept on faith that the system is "good" or by using violence to cow people in submission. Every society uses a mixture of both.

Societies only exist so that a handful of people at the top an aristocrat, a bureaucrat, a communist official, a capitalist, a theologian can skim the majority of benefits that the labor of non-elites produce. We were better off when there were only a million humans on the entire planet and all were hunter gatherers.

Very little war and very little disease. Certainly nearly no plagues. Placing your faith in some human-invented system or concept is garbage. Nature has been doing it better, for longer. Revenge is bad? I watched a mother giraffe kick a lioness to death that had killed its baby. Didn't need a damn cop, judge or prosecutor.


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I'm a supporter of social justice but I fight not to enjoy the destruction of others. The struggle is real! Leon F. Seltzer, Ph. Back Psychology Today. Back Find a Therapist.