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Talk about your feelings for them and the different ways in which you love them.

You can even talk about when you met or reminisce about times in the past. Men, listen up. Compliments are some of the best Words of Affirmation for her, and usually easy to come up with. If you find that words of romance and affection are more challenging, it may be because those words rely more on your own feelings. We all desire support and encouragement from the people we love best. Not only is encouragement key, but congratulations are part of the picture, too. Similar to words of encouragement are words of empathy. But empathy differs in an important way.

Empathy allows a person to feel seen and heard, and yes, supported, but most importantly, understood. Empathy is vital.

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But first, words of empathy are essential. Empathetic statements like these can be really encouraging words for a husband or wife going through a rough time. Gratitude has an important place in our lives in so many ways, and especially in our relationships. Need more ideas for words of affirmation for your husband, wife, or partner? Check out these articles on Two Drifters that offer tons of ideas and examples, including some written options:.

5 Love Languages: How to Show Your Partner You're Grateful for Them

The reason I am not hesitant to tell you these before you read the book is because they are clearly noted on the outside cover. Please remember that to know the five languages is nothing without understanding what they mean by reading the book.

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  • Want to Ruin Your Relationship? Choose a Love Language..

Over the years Gary has counseled thousands of couples and has learned that so often the problem comes from the fact that each member of the relationship speaks a different primary love language. As you may have noticed from some of my other reviews, one of the main things that makes the difference between a good book and a great book are the examples used.

You can speak different love languages and still have a healthy relationship.

They so clearly show the effectiveness of the concepts in his book. More than anything these examples show that the five love languages are real. To me there is nothing more powerful. For that reason, it is fundamental both people understand their love language and that of their loved one so that they can communicate in a way that is effective and conducive with the one they love. I know it sounds simple and to be honest it is. But that is the case with most of these books. Sure it makes perfect sense once you finish the last page of a book, but you have to remember that often it is the words in the book that brings common sense into your conscious.

That is the sign of a great book and author. This book has changed my life with Chelsea. I read it months ago and realized many things that now seem so obvious. For so long I felt I was expressing what I wanted to her, but it was not until reading this book that I understood the simple things that keep us from seeing the things that were most important to each other. I bought this book the day that coach mentioned it to me. As you may know by now, any time someone I respect recommends a book that has personally affected them in a positive way; I make it a priority on my reading list.

How could I not? This book is the full picture of rules for romance that can help you find the love of your life. Between singleness and marriage lies the journey of dating. Want to make your road as smooth as possible?

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  5. Set and maintain healthy boundaries — boundaries that will help you grow in freedom, honesty, and self-control. If many of your dating experiences have been difficult, this book could revolutionize the way you handle relationships. Check it out here.

    Paroles Love Language

    The author of this phenomenal book is none other than Dr. Neil Clark Warren, founder of eHarmony. This matchmaking site has now seen over , of their matches get married! In this practical, quick read, Dr. Warren helps men and women who want healthy and satisfying marriages identify the early warning signs of an unhealthy relationship.

    You can find Date or Soul Mate here. Tony and I first discovered these books on our honeymoon! We were both shocked by what we read, and our eyes were opened to the truth about the way we each think and feel and what really causes each of us the most pain. We shared some of those insights with you in our post The Truth About Tony.

    These books have since been revised with new research and information learned in the 10 years since their original release, including the brain science behind why men and women often feel the way they do. After my last post , I was challenged to move past the concept of the love languages and offer some practical tips.

    So, here goes…. Tony and I came up with these just by bouncing ideas back and forth one afternoon.

    My Love Language is Pain Kindle Edition by James Kroshus

    The reality is, your spouse will be the best person to share with you what you can do to express love to them. Ask them about this list. Ask them if any of these ideas appeal to them. Feel free to share your tips, ideas, and experiences below in the Comments section. My grandparents are from Mexico, immigrated to the US when my mother was just a little girl. Spanish is their primary language and, though I was just a toddler, it was not mine.

    My sister and I only spoke and understood English. My grandparents speak English also, but they are much more comfortable with Spanish. So, in come these little blue and green-eyed girls who are totally baffled by their language and really only respond when they speak to us in our language. By the time I was five, I was fairly fluent in Spanish. I understood most of what my family was saying and even mustered up the courage to join in a conversation here and there.

    The Five Love Languages: What They Are And How To Use Them

    I remember how patient both my grandparents were as my sister and I ate breakfast with them. They sat together, having their usual over breakfast conversations and I constantly interrupted. What is that word? I was eager to learn, proud of myself when I began to grasp it. Learning to speak Spanish opened up a whole other world for me and I loved it. Do you ever feel like your spouse has their own language that you are on the outside of? Well, you might not be too far off.