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Added March 24, by Andrew Outstanding "I'm relatively new to turning and had a basic starter kit of gouges; purchased this roughing gouge and immediately noticed the difference in quality, weight and performance. Added September 20, by Milan Bowl gouge. Added September 17, by April Makes captive rings easy "After trying to make captive rings with a small skew chisel, I decided to get these tools. Added July 28, by Dave Captured rings "I was using a hand made tool that left a little to be desired.

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Used to rough-out blanks and remove large amounts of wood quickly. Scrapers Round nose and side cutting scrapers essential for interior clean up and turning sharp or round interior corners on bowls, boxes or lids. Versa Chisels Perform as a scraper, skew and gouge. Forgiving for the novice, yet provide ultimate control for the experienced turner.

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Parting Tools HSS lathe tools used to part off waste, cut tenons, establishing a diamater or cut small flat areas. Decorative Bead Cutting Chisels Easily and quickly turn beads like an expert with these precise tools. Hollowing Tools. Bowl Turning Starter Sets. Long and Strong Chisels. Carbide Mulit-Bit Chisels. Ultra Carbide Chisels. Carbide Wizard Turning Tools. Online prices and selection generally match our online catalog, but may vary. All Rights Reserved.

The skew chisel can be used to do a number of different things, but tends to be known for its ability to give planing cuts. I like to raise my tool rest and approach the wood as flat as possible. Approach the cut with the bevel and try to cut with the middle part of the blade. I also love making super fine detail with the skew. To do this, I use the pointy end like a knife. Making sure the tool is supported, I introduce the pointed end and make a cut. Then I come in from the sides of this cut to neaten the whole thing. You can achieve an unbelievable fineness of detail with this technique.

This is a great tool for putting in pretty details like beads and coves. To make a bead, first figure out where you want the top and bottom part to be. Then as you move the tool along the rest from one point to the other, rotate your tool to introduce more or less of it into the wood, cutting the shape. You simply introduce it and watch it cut.

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I would recommend making two cuts with this tool rather than cutting all the way through; this will reduce friction. Instead, finish the job with a saw. The bowl gauge can be used in a similar fashion as the spindle gouge, often to cut the outside bowl profile and a tenon.

The tenon is a section of wood that protrudes from your project, allowing a chuck to grip onto it from one end. Once a section of wood is mounted in the chuck using this tenon, the bowl gouge can be used to easily form the inside or outside of the dish. I tend to work from the outside edge inwards when using a standard bowl gouge.

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Eventually the cut will lead to the bevel rubbing more than cutting, providing a smooth surface and a safe operation. This is my favorite type of bowl gouge. With this tool, you have a few more options because of the wings built into its design. When I am making a dish with the swept back bowl gouge, I will use the wings to cut and then drag back towards the edge of the bowl.

The swept back or fingernail gouge in action.

This noise was my primary reason for upgrading. Some machines will offer a longer distance between centers, allowing you to turn items like pool cues and standard lamps.

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Likewise, there are machines that accommodate wider projects, such as salad bowls and platters. Generally I abide by the saying that if you buy cheap you buy twice, but you might be able to find a real bargain with a secondhand lathe. I would recommend heading to your nearest woodturning club and asking for advice.

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Latest Philip Bradley. If you break the wooden handle on your favorite hammer, don't throw the head away. Get a nice piece of hardwood and head to the lathe to form a new hammer handle to your liking. One of the most common injuries in woodturning occurs when an article of the turner's clothing gets caught in the spinning lathe. By wearing proper clothing for woodturning, this potential hazard can be greatly reduced. What Is Woodturning? Practice Wood Turning Safety Statistically, woodturning probably ranks among the safer tasks performed with power tools.

Inspect your lathe regularly to make sure fitting are secure and tight.

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Keep your work area clean. Make sure lighting is sufficient. Being able to see what you're doing will help ensure safe work. Make sure tools are kept clean and sharp. Dull tools can catch on the spinning workpiece, while razor-sharp tools will cut smoothly and easily. Use quality wood stock. Workpieces with cracks or thick knots can break apart or grab cutting tools.