I Own the Dawn (The Night Stalkers Book 2)

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I Own the Dawn

She comes off as very robotic actually, something the other mechanic and love interest Big Jim Wallace remarks on. Because she was left alone at such a young age and because she is so smart, she never fit in and now is having trouble becoming part of the crew and dealing with getting close to people. Big John is great.

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Emily Beale is present as well which is nice, but Kee and her husband are not really in the book until the end. Overall the book was good. I just could never connect with Connie. She just seems kind of blank to me. You have her background and her emotional struggles, but she just never felt like a solid, deep person to me like John, or Kee, or Emily did. The story line was also different. More a smooth jazz to a rock beat. It is a good book, just not the best in the series.

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This is probably my favorite book in the Night Stalkers series. A really nice all-around guy who comes from high class but is down-to-Earth and really likable.

160th SOAR - 2019 - "Night Stalkers Don't Quit"

On one of her early missions, she helps to rescue Dilya, an orphan refugee from a gun battle. The girl clings to her and Kee becomes her guardian without even realizing it. The story then begins to be told by Kee, Dilya, and Archie. The love story between Kee and Archie is almost a battle developing as it grows between the two individuals — Kee fighting with everything in her to not get close to people and Archie just wanting to love her and Dilya. The book is emotional, tumultuous, and wonderful. I loved the addition of Dilya. The relationships in the story that Kee develops are fraught with hair-thin trust and emotional baggage all over the place, but the author makes her coming to terms with emotions and attachments believable and not awkwardly rushed.

As always, the battles and military lifestyle add an interesting and realistic backdrop to the entire story and provides insight into the different characters. I also enjoy learning the small tidbits of middle eastern life that appear in the novels.

This is the first book in M. The series is based on the best helicopter fighting squad in the Army that runs missions at night in the dangerous Hindu Kush Mountain range on the border of Pakistan and Afghanistan. The information you learn is actually pretty cool, but it is a side benefit of the different story lines.

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The book is about the first female in the SOAR program the helicopter squad that flies at night. Captain Emily Beale grew up in Washington and joined the Army out of college and has been flying ever since. She is the first woman to break into the most elite squad there is. Shortly after she joins this amazing squad, she is pulled out on a secret mission to the White House. Here childhood crush is the current President and she is instructed to look after his wife, the First Lady, as it appears someone is trying to kill her. She is followed by her commanding officer, Major Mark Henderson, known as the Viper for his hard ass skills and amazing flying.

The two develop a relationship throughout the story that is both interesting and unique. This is one of my favorite books in the series. I come back to it again and again when I need something interesting to read. The story line is full of twists, turns, surprises, and emotional drama. All the emotional turmoil in the book is developed well and makes logical sense. The characters are well-developed and work perfectly with the story.

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Most of them are easy to image or relate to, which is really great. Almost all the characters you meet again later on in their own books or novellas of the series. If you like military romance or romantic suspense this is a great book to go with in order to kick off the series. However, I find it is totally worth the read if you enjoy a good story. She feels out of touch and detached from her fellow soldiers. He past relations were short and physical with no emotional connection. His past is barely less filled with pain than hers.


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A busted marriage has left him as leery of women as Nika is of men. The two start a rocky and emotional relationship that leaves both of them shook up. I did enjoy the book. It was filled with ups and downs and puts you through a wide spectrum of emotions.

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Nika is a very hard individual that is trying her best no matter what she does. You learn the most about her when she becomes emotionally vulnerable throughout different incidents in the book. I did like how the author developed the characters and how you could see them changing throughout the book.

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I would have like to have seen this pulled in to a full length novel. Even as the heat between them turns into passion's fire, Bill and Trisha must team up to confront their pasts and survive Somalia's pirate lords. The fifth book in M. Praise for M. Buchman: "Wonderfully fast-paced Sparks and bullets both fly in the ninth entry of Buchman's high-flying Night Stalkers series, which sees the elite helicopter pilots of the Army's th SOAR fighting pirates off the Somali coast Light Up the Night.