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Clair hosts a group of Hillman College alumnae who have gathered to plan a testimonial for a much-loved professor. While trying to come up with a way to describe the colorful woman, Clair and her friends reminisce about their fun-filled college days. Meanwhile, Olivia persuades Cliff to get a "beauty makeover" in her new hair salon. Parenting is the 1 topic of the day around the Huxtable home: Sondra and Elvin want to provide for the twins in their will.

After seeing a lawyer to draw up a will, Sondra and Elvin narrow the field of candidates for guardianship of the twins. Will it be Cliff and Clair, or Theo? After Rudy oversteps her bounds and Clair reminds her who's in charge, Rudy turns sullen and surly. Cliff wonders what's bothering Rudy, besides the fact that she is 13 and her parents are always wrong. In her annual plea, Clair begs Cliff to just hand over his receipts and let her and the accountant thrash out the tax return.

Caught without an appropriate gift for Deirdre's birthday, Kenny tells her he has planned a party for her at the Huxtables. When Deirdre realizes the party is just a spur-of-the-moment cover-up, she dumps Kenny forever.

Desperate Kenny appeals to Stanley for help. Stanley is highly motivated: unless he can convince Deirdre to take Kenny back, Rudy, Stanley and Kenny could become a threesome again.

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Eight years of magic, love and laughter with the Huxtable family come to an end. Cliff's invitation list for Theo's graduation from NYU continues to grow as he invites a host of relatives and friends to celebrate and, despite a scarcity of tickets, he just keeps on inviting people. Theo's protests fall on deaf ears: "If they ask me, they're coming," declares the proud father. Denise calls from Singapore to tell the family that she and Martin are expecting. Vanessa and Dabnis arrive, providing mixed signals to everyone about their current relationship. At the commencement ceremony, Cliff thinks back eight years to the day he used Monopoly money to illustrate the harsh realities of life to thenyear-old Theo.

By the time Cliff emerges from his reverie, Theo is already a graduate. That evening, after the doorbell is finally fixed, Cliff and Clair dance cheek-to-cheek one last time in the Huxtable living room — and then dance off the set into television history. This episode was immediately followed by a three-minute "thank you" tribute from NBC.

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Views Read Edit View history. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Weinberger and Michael Leeson. Earl Pomerantz. Cliff forbids year-old Vanessa to see a scary movie; though he allows older brother Theo to go. Vanessa sneaks out to see the movie anyway, but soon regrets it when she begins having nightmares. Now she insists on sleeping with Cliff and Clair, but she quickly overstays her welcome. When Cliff realizes that Clair is overstressed at home and in the office, he treats her to a night in a deluxe, first-class, spare-no-expense room at the Biltmore Hotel.

Back at home, Denise is left to watch over the younger kids. Cliff is thrilled that Theo will continue the Huxtable tradition as a member of the football team, and he can hardly control his joy when his son asks to see some of his old football moves. But his delight turns to disappointment when he sees that Theo has no moves of his own. Note : Russell mentions that the only reason Cliff attended Hillman was because of Clair going, but in a later episode from the fourth season, Clair reveals to Vanessa and Rudy that Cliff was at Hillman while she was in high school.

This is also the first appearance of Earle Hyman as Russell Huxtable. With her music recital three days away, Vanessa cannot play a note on the clarinet. So Cliff arranges for her music teacher to give her private lessons. Vanessa's music teacher, Mr.

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Hampton, Dizzy Gillespie tries to give her a crash course in the clarinet. Cliff and Clair invite daughter Denise's bright new boyfriend Kristoff St. John to dinner. But the outspoken fellow soon wears out his welcome when he criticizes the medical and legal professions. Cliff gives the children a lecture on the importance of picking their father a suitable gift instead of the neon ties and yo-yos they usually buy him. The kids take his advice to heart and plan a special Father's Day for their dad six months early.

Matt Williams.

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Rudy is sick and Clair must go to an important interview, so Cliff stays home to watch her. Unfortunately, Cliff soon discovers that being a doctor has not fully prepared him to take care of a sick child. Matt Robinson. Randall, Elisa de la Roche as Nurse.

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  • Guest star : Iman as Mrs. Montgomery, one of Cliff's patients. Guest stars : William Christian as Mr. Winifred Hervey. Guest stars : Al Freeman Jr. Clair is excited to learn that Cliff's widower friend, Mike Robert King has a new woman in his life and invites the couple over for dinner, but she is shocked to discover that the beautiful Nikki Terry Farrell is the same age as her oldest daughter.

    Mitchell, Lisa Mordente as Expectant Mother 1 Note : This episode was a backdoor pilot for a proposed spin-off series featuring Tony Orlando 's character and the community center, which never came to fruition.

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    Also, the first episode in which Clair is shown to be fluent in Spanish. An ecstatic Cliff and Clair are the only happy Huxtables when summer vacation ends and school bells ring for the kids. High school senior Denise looks forward to a revitalized social life without her braces.

    Boys and make-up are the major concerns for Vanessa, who is anxiously awaiting her first day of junior high. Theo contemplates a year of agony when he gets the most difficult math teacher in the school. And Rudy does not want to return to school after she is teased by a bully in her first-grade class. Cliff buys a new juicer and gives strict instructions to Rudy and her friend Peter not to touch it. When Vanessa gets caught up in a phone call and Rudy and Peter are left alone, they proceed to the kitchen and try to make grape jelly with the new contraption, but the results are disastrous and cause Peter to flee the house and Rudy to escape upstairs.

    Theo and Denise find the aftermath of the mess, but Theo advises her not to clean it up, citing Rudy's need to learn responsibility, and conveys this to Cliff and Clair, who both surprisingly agree. Note : This is the first appearance of Geoffrey Owens as Elvin. Joseph C. Martin Kendall. Carmen Finestra. Guest stars : David Langston Smyrl as Mr. Clair goes from overprotective mom to football fanatic when Rudy Sweet Feet Huxtable becomes the star of her pee-wee football team.

    Cliff is delighted that his daughter will follow in his footsteps on the football field, and cons a wary Clair into going to see her play. Clair is swept off her feet by Rudy's play.

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    Clair buys a pair of beautiful new shoes and challenges Cliff to a smooth contest — to decide who has the most style. Unfortunately, when Clair breaks her toe, she cannot fit her bandaged foot into her stylish new shoes. What is more, she refuses any help from Cliff — determined to prove she can function as a lawyer, wife and mother of five, in spite of her broken toe. When Cliff invites his math teacher, Mrs.