Fade to Black (Deadlines & Diamonds)

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Psychologically speaking, green is thought to help balance emotions, promote clarity, and create an overall feeling of zen. Green is obviously the color of nature and health, thus it also has close ties with emotions of empathy, kindness, and compassion. Paler, softer mint greens often promote ideas of youth, inexperience, and innocence, while deeper, darker greens draw out notions of success, wealth, and money. Vibrant lime green shades promote energy and playfulness, and deeper olive greens are seen as representing strength and endurance.

Green can also be used to promote health, the environment, and all-natural products. Sitting in between red and yellow in the color spectrum is orange.

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Historically, orange was used prolifically by the Ancient Egyptians and Medieval artists, the pigment often made out of a highly toxic mineral called orpiment, which contained traces of arsenic. Before the late 15th century, Europeans simply referred to orange as yellow-red until they were introduced to orange trees, when the pigment was finally awarded its true name. Throughout art in the 18th and 19th centuries, orange became a symbol of impressionism thanks to artists such as Renoir, Cezanne, and Van Gogh.

Orange has different tones and shades, each with different meanings and effects. For example, light pastel peach tones are seen as sweet, conversational, and affable, whereas more intense, vibrant oranges are seen as representative of vitality, energy, and encouragement.

Deeper amber shades are seen as confident, a symbol of pride and self-assertion, and darker orange-brown tones promote ambition, adventure, and opportunity. Orange is also used to elicit feelings of adventure, excitement and risks. Alternatively, vibrant oranges are used to promote energy, enthusiasm, and fun. Sitting in between red and blue on the color spectrum is none of than purple. Purple has long had a noble and fairly regal history surrounding the hue. Due to the fact that producing purple pigments was expensive and difficult, the color was often worn by those of high status and royal descent throughout the Byzantine and Holy Roman Empires as well as Japanese aristocracy.

From here on out purple remained a color to symbolize royalty and nobility throughout history until when the color became more accessible to the every person and simply became a signal of fashion and style instead. However, purple is still a color used by the British royal family and will forever remain the color of the royals.

Purple is a color that sits in an interesting place on the color spectrum — right in between warm red and cool blue — making it a color that can be both cool and warm depending on the specific shade. Thanks to this, different shades of purple can have significantly different effects. On the lighter end of the spectrum is lavender.

This pale, soft shade communicates femininity, nostalgia, romance, and tenderness. More vibrant purples promote royalty, nobility, extravagance, and luxury. While deeper, darker shades of purple such as mauve can promote ideas of seriousness, professionality as well as gloom and sadness in certain applications.

When it comes to branding purple is used in a multitude of ways.

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One common application is to draw on the historic ties of the color with royalty to help build a luxurious, expensive, high quality brand. Think of the logos of Hallmark, or luxe whiskey brand Crown Royal. Purple is also a color that can promote fun, creativity, and play. Thanks to this, it is often used in children-oriented brandings such as Wonka candy, or platforms that encourage play, such as video game streaming service Twitch.

Purple is also often used frequently in branding to promote knowledge, innovation, and intelligence. Take a look at Yahoo! Named after the flower of the same name, pink is a vibrant, feminine color with an interesting history. Pink does not have as prolific a history in art and culture as some other colors, as more intense shades of red and crimson were often preferred.

However, during the renaissance, pink pigments started to be applied more often, as from thereon, the color worked its way into the world of fashion, art, and design. Pink is regarded widely in the western world as the color of femininity. Similarly, in Japan pink is a color associated with masculinity, the pink cherry blossom trees thought to be symbols of fallen Japanese warriors.

When it comes to shades of pink, softer, lighter tones often promote innocence, girlhood, nurturing, love, and gentleness, and these soft shades are actually thought to increase female physical strength. However, brighter, more intense shades of pink are instead thought to promote sensuality, and passion, as well as creativity, energy, and, as studies have suggested, the color is thought to raise pulse rate and blood pressure.

When it comes to branding pink is used in a variety of ways. Arguably the most common application is on brands that predominately cater towards women. Arguably the sweetest color of all, naturally pink is also used for sweets, candy, and dessert food brands such as Dunkin Donuts, Baskin Robbins, and Trolli. Brown is considered to be one of the first pigments ever used in prehistoric times and has been a staple of art and culture ever since. Brown has long been a symbol of the lower-class, this association stemming from Ancient Rome when the color was donned only by barbarians and people of low social and economic rankings.


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It is also a color that was worn by the monks of the Franciscan order as a sign of poverty and humility. However, brown has had quite the revival in modern culture. Now a symbol of all things organic, natural, healthy, and quality, it is a color with many positive associations. Brown is not a color applied throughout branding as prolifically as other hues, but when it is used, it has a few distinctive effects.

We can see this in the branding of brands such as Ugg and Cotton. Brown is also a shade that promotes reliability, efficiency, and high-value service, as seen in the UPS and JP Morgan logos. Deep, rich browns are often applied to signal high quality and luxe style. And finally, brown is also often used as a color to communicate warmth, relaxation, and indulgence. It is often chocolate and coffee brands such as MnMs, Nespresso, Hersheys, and many small coffee chains that make use of this application of the hue.

White is an achromatic color, meaning it is a color without a hue. It has been a staple of art, history, and culture for many eras. In fact, it is recorded as the first color ever used in art, with Paleolithic artists using white calcite and chalk to draw. Throughout much of history, white has been elected as a symbol of goodness, spirituality, purity, godliness, and sacredness.

Ancient Egyptian gods, Greek gods, Roman goddesses were all depicted as clad in white to symbolize their deity. White is considered the symbolic opposite of black, with the two colors together forming symbols of good and evil, night and day, light and dark, etc. In Western cultures, white is the classic color of wedding dresses, symbolizing innocence and purity, whereas in many Asian cultures white is the color of mourning, grief, and loss.

However, many brands choose to either use slight off-white, grey, or silver tones, or combine the white with black to create striking high contrast logos.

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White and light off-white colors are often used as a very luxurious color in branding. White is also the color of modern-day technology. Depending on the type of jewelry, the Plan would include resizing or re-shanking of rings, clasp replacement, repair of broken chains, repair of worn or broken prongs, repair of broken earring posts or other similar repairs. During the duration of the warranty you have the option to ship the ring to us two separate times for inspection, cleaning, and polishing to restore the natural beauty of your item, otherwise warranty is voided. Minor scratches that occur from normal wear will also be removed in this process.

Jewelry that has been damaged as a result of excessive or abusive treatment.

Fade to Black (Deadlines & Diamonds, #1)

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