Environmental Policy in the EU: Actors, institutions and processes

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What are the future challenges for European environmental policy? Part 5 discusses where problems arise in integrating the political concept of sustainable development into European policy processes. While European environmental policy has to build alliances with actors of other policy domains, what is more important is the implementation of the current European environmental policy at the member state level. A central concern of the book is to look forward and ask whether the E.

Environmental Policy in the European Union as an encompassing study of one complex political context, will be of interest to all those concerned with studying or actually designing national and international environmental politics and policies. The fact that the book offers examples in Part 4 should be of particular interest to policymakers, but also makes the book of high interest to the public, ranging from students to researchers. Topics Category Menu Climate Change. Climate Change. Green Economy.

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Sustainable Consumption and Production. Sustainable Societies.

Toggle navigation. Displayed Results 10 20 50 Peer-reviewed Article. March Institute for Global Environmental Strategies. Languages: English. Research Unit:. Related Publications. Policy Report. Fourthly, empirical work has formed the basis of theory testing or theory building, using perspectives imported from comparative national politics and European integration. Finally, research has engaged with the process of environmental governing across multiple institutional levels, including understanding the implementation of measures and how member states are being Europeanized.

This overview of the published literature is structured according to these strands. Several key texts have provided general overviews of the development of EU environmental policy. One of the most accessible but detailed overviews is Jordan and Adelle and, more recently, Selin and VanDeveer b. Together with Delreux and Happaerts they summarize the key actors, processes, and policies. Finally, a concise discussion of these points is Benson and Jordan Benson, David, and Andrew Jordan. Environmental policy. In European Union politics.

Oxford: Oxford Univ. The chapter on environmental policy examines its historical development, main institutions, and policy dynamics, along with illustrative examples. Delreux, Tom, and Sander Happaerts.

Standards contribute to European environmental policy

Environmental policy and politics in the European Union. Basingstoke, UK: Palgrave.

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Bringing debates on EU environmental policy up to date, Tom Delreux and Sander Happaerts provide an analysis of its historical development, actors, and institutions. Policy dynamics in established and emerging areas are also discussed. Jordan, Andrew, and Camilla Adelle. Environmental policy in the EU: Actors, institutions and processes. London: Earthscan Routledge. This edited textbook, now in its third edition, draws together contributions from leading authors in the field to provide different perspectives on policy evolution, actors, dynamics, and future challenges.

Knill, Christoph, and Duncan Liefferink.

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Environmental politics in the European Union: Policy-making, implementation and patterns of multi-level governance. Manchester, UK: Manchester Univ. An excellent introductory overview of this policy sector; this book provides historical context to environmental policy before outlining patterns of regulation, main institutions and actors, political processes, and interests.

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The implementation and effectiveness of policy is also examined. Lenschow, Andrea, and Carina Sprungk.

faqyrisoxybu.tk The myth of a green Europe. Journal of Common Market Studies DOI: Andrea Lenschow and Carina Sprungk take a wide perspective on this issue in examining how and how effectively the EU has propagated this myth through developing environmental policies. Selin, Henrik, and Stacy VanDeveer.

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  8. Broader, deeper and greener: European Union environmental politics, policies, and outcomes. Annual Review of Environment and Resources — European Union and environmental governance. London: Routledge. A new entrant to this subject area, the text covers different theoretical approaches to European integration, the historical growth of the sector, policy actors and instruments, decision-making and implementation, policy case studies, the external dimensions of policy, and future developments.