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Enabling Search de-duplication means that a single conversion won't be counted twice, both as a view-through conversion and a click-through conversion if, for example, a customer first sees a Display Network ad then clicks on a text ad before making the conversion. When this is enabled, the conversion will only be counted as a click-through conversion.

By default, your ad rotation setting is set to optimize for clicks, meaning that Google Ads will serve the ads it feels are most likely to result in a click-through. If you're tracking conversions, you can change this setting to optimize for conversions, meaning that the ads deemed most likely to result in conversions will be served in the auction more frequently. To change the setting, go to the Settings tab and scroll down to the Advanced settings section. Open the Ad delivery : Ad rotation, frequency capping drop-down menu, click Optimize for conversions , and click Save.

Back in the Conversions tab, you can click Settings and then Edit Settings to change the conversion bid metric, which tells the Conversion Optimizer whether to focus on 1-per-click conversions or many-per-click conversions. Once conversion tracking has been up and running for a couple of weeks, you can use the Search Funnels analytics to track detailed data about your conversions such as how much time elapsed between when customers clicked on your ad for the first time to when they completed the conversion, and how many times they saw your ad before converting.

Access Search Funnels by clicking Tools and Analysis, then Conversions , then clicking the Search Funnels link at the lower left of the Conversions window. It can take up to 24 hours for conversion data to start appearing in Google Ads. If after 24 hours conversions still aren't showing up, it's possible that no customers have converted yet.

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One way to test this is by going through the motions of a conversion yourself by clicking on your ad when it appears, and doing whatever action is required to trigger the conversion on your site. If after another 24 hours your conversion isn't registering, double-check that the HTML code was installed correctly.

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You might have to install additional plug-ins or move the code to a different part of the page. If customers don't have cookies enabled in their browser when they click on your ad and complete the conversion, Conversion Tracking won't work. Most people browse the web with cookies turned on, but if you choose to display the Tracking Indicator link on your website, visitors can opt out of conversion tracking by disabling the conversion tracker cookie.

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NOTE: If you change any of a conversion's settings in Google Ads, this alters its code and you'll have to paste the new code into the webpage. Campaigns receiving many clicks and few conversions might represent a weak return on investment ROI if the ads cost more to run than the business is earning back through conversions.

Examining Search Funnels data and reviewing ad text and keywords might help you understand why customers are failing to convert once they reach your website.

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Is the landing page unappealing? Does the website make it difficult for customers to navigate through to the conversion page? Do the ads and keywords set up expectations about a product that the website does not deliver for example, do your ads appear when a customer searches for "cheap handbags" but take them to a website that sells expensive designer handbags? Try to put yourself in the customer's shoes to figure out why customers who click on your ads aren't going all the way. Got more questions about AdWords conversion tracking?

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Unfortunately the WhatsApp export with Android has some limitations, as the only method to export the chat is via email. The cloud storage options from iPhone are not available. This makes it hard to export all messages and media of your chat. There are two options available, if you export your chat with or without media files:.

A maximum of the last However, if you have some videos or images, the number of exported messages might be much smaller. It will put the last media files and messages first and then will stop when approximately 18 Mb of data have been packaged. Unfortunately, in the text file you will only find a where a picture, video or audio note was not exported.

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Tutorial Here you can find a step by step tutorial for exporting your WhatsApp chat via Android. Get started! Select if your want to export your chat with or without media files. Open your email app and go to outbox. Try refreshing the folder in order to force the app to retry sending the message. Do not close the app until it is sent. This option does not really help me a lot, most of what I wanted to save is not exported. As you have seen, it is not completely possible to easily export your WhatsApp Chat from an Android device. Therefore zaptales has developed a solution that allows you to export the maximum amount of chat.

You can then purchase the PDF of your chat, which has been put together in a nice layout which you can personalise as well.

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WhatsApp chats can have a great significance. With the iOS App exporting your chat will be super easy and fast, as it has optimized the process over time:. You will be able to design and personalize your book, which could become the most personal book in the world. How to export a WhatsApp chat: Complete guide. How to export WhatsApp chat from…. Exporting your complete WhatsApp Chat with an iPhone is quite easy and consists in two steps: 1 First you use the native WhatsApp function to create a. It offers a host of incredible apps, including secure email, photo management and editing, the best Internet browser, the biggest video app in the world, interactive maps and navigation, a free blogging platform and much more.

All of which are covered inside, there is something new to learn about Google on every page. Whatever you are looking for, Google will have an app for your needs and inside this publication, we cover the very best of them and their advanced uses. Make the most of your smart home speaker, Google tablet, or smartphone with our exclusive in-depth expert hardware and software tutorials.