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Becker, to Fagen: "Man.

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Awesome, can you believe it? And now it's us! Grin Pass the dutchie.

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General Comment Adolph Hitler and the rising og the third reich. Doctor Wu.

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General Comment Wow, yeah. But upon reflection, I'm convinced without too much argument.

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I always assumed it was about going to a concert with a chance to meet some sort of musical great - I met Tony Williams once, shook his hand. It kind of felt like this tune. I'm a tantric, and so don't quite buy the fact that good and evil are separate poles, so to me there's maybe not so much cognitive dissonance here.

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That 'chain lightning' feeling comes in many forms, and always feels good, no matter if it's right or wrong. That's the dangerous part Now that I think about it, that slow, lilting groove that this tune lays down actually does have that same feeling of standing in a place where you know something big once happened. I've been to Dealy Plaza, and felt that. Also been to the Place de la Concorde, Notre Dame cathedral, etc Heavy and constant, just like this rhythm.

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Good tune. The trenchant manner, the statuesque drapery, the chain-lightning effects, were much as they were afterwards seen in this country. Chiefly Northeastern and Western U.

Maybe you've read the comic books or seen some of the Marvel movies that feature a big blond guy named Thor, founding member of the Avengers and brother of Loki. But, Thursday is a bigger tribute to the Norse god of thunder than any movie or comic book upon which it's based. Words nearby chain lightning chain fern , chain gang , chain gear , chain grate , chain letter , chain lightning , chain locker , chain mail , chain measure , chain of command , chain pickerel.

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And the magic of the moment Exploded with desire When the time is right the sparks ignite And set the night on fire. It's chain lightnin', too hot to fight Hot on the heels of a saturday night Chain lightnin', out of control Straight to the heart and down to your soul Chain lightnin', heavens above Another day older, still searching for love Chain lightnin, too hot to fight And it's hotter than hell, in the heavens tonight Chain lightnin'. Please click here if you are not redirected within a few seconds.