Über Venedig. Der Stadtführer. (Jourist Städteführer) (German Edition)

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To learn more, view our Privacy Policy. Log In Sign Up. Papers People. En Romvandring genom seklerna. Save to Library. Mental Maps and the Topography of the Mind. A Swedish Guide to the Roman Centuries. From s onwards, Ottomans paid full attention to the modernization and industrialization spearheaded by Western cities. These cities were influential sources of observation and inspiration to co-opt with the modernizing reforms. This motivated increasing number of Ottomans to travel to Europe and write about it.

Travelogues held an appeal for many including rulers, Ottoman elite, and commoners as being instrumental for retaining imperial identity, historicizing and modernization with genuine locality. In view of that, this ongoing study evaluates Ottoman travelogues written mostly after focusing on urban and architectural content of them.


It is formed as a reading of selected travelogues to expose the mental attitudes of Ottoman literate, their perception of urban and built environment and the role that they attribute to architecture in modernization. Sansovino's Venice. An engaging introduction and scholarly annotations to the original text provide the modern reader with an appreciation of the history of this great city as well as a practical guide for seeking out and enjoying its Renaissance treasures.

Tra guide di viaggio e carnets de croquis. As part of a utilitarian literature, travel guidebooks are a reflection of economic, social, cultural and technological changes that have been introduced, through time, on cultural or summer travels, and have been gradually undertaken by As part of a utilitarian literature, travel guidebooks are a reflection of economic, social, cultural and technological changes that have been introduced, through time, on cultural or summer travels, and have been gradually undertaken by wider and wider social groups.

Thus, analysis of various tourist guidebooks allows one to study different topics. On the one hand, travel guidebooks can be connected to the history of art and define the concept of heritage at each point in time.

Ein Jahr in Venedig by Frauke Schlieckau

Guidebooks act also as a tool for understanding space, which con tributes towards dissemination of information about new leisure facilities, such as spas or beaches, and towards construction of images about cities or the countryside. This chapter focuses on the establishment of the first institution for the promotion of tourism in Portugal and examines some travel guidebooks which were published between the end of the 1 t9I century and the beginning of the t2h0 century. Enrico Parlato. Eddy Verbaan. The ancient monuments of Wales and Monmouthshire in the guardianship of the Office of Works and its successors were interpreted through the preparation of some 50 guidebooks and leaflets from the s to the formation of the Department The ancient monuments of Wales and Monmouthshire in the guardianship of the Office of Works and its successors were interpreted through the preparation of some 50 guidebooks and leaflets from the s to the formation of the Department of the Environment in One of the most prolific authors was C.

Ralegh Radford, the Inspector, who wrote some 21 guides for sites in Wales.

Although most guides covered the major castles and ecclesiastical structures in Wales, from the s interpretative guides were written for a number of prehistoric and Roman sites, including the amphitheatre at Caerleon by Sir Mortimer Wheeler. What Did Istanbul Travelers Read?

As so often since the time of the Crusades, East and West see each other, in different ways, as a threat. But in both East and West it is the aggressive propagandists and not the quiet thinkers who attract attention, and so in the collective imagination of the West every Muslim becomes a feared and unpredictable fanatic. Surprisingly, however, only a few writers have looked at the phenomenon of the bazaar and even then from a purely academic point of view.

Until now, it has been difficult to find a book that gave the interested layman a clear and coherent picture of all the aspects of this traditional and unique achievement of Islamic culture. In this book we - author and photographer - had two objectives. Firstly, we have tried to explain and communicate - to show that a bazaar is much more than just a picturesque maze of workshops and shops in which tourists pick up souvenirs and get lost. It is a city within a city, with its own economy and way of life and a spiritual background from which western society has a great deal to learn, especially now when it is having to redefine concepts like work, time and solidarity.

Secondly, we have tried to take stock of the situation. However untouched many of the bazaars might seem at first sight, their traditional features - old buildings and trades, customs and values and aestetic perceptions - are increasingly threatened by western technology and industry. Readers will find little here about the riven Islamic world of reality but much that is of undoubted fascination- lore, extraordinary pictures of everyday life, detailed maps of mazy souks that are a unique urban design form now giving way to more modern methods of retailing.

And his book, though illustrated with glorious photographs by Kurt- Michael Westermann is more than a decoration for the coffee table. Here, peripatetic readers and couch potatoes alike will discover the true romance of this area, learning about trade routes, the religious life, camels, and craftspeople, as well as 15 bazaars, ranging from Aleppo in Syria to Samarkand in Uzbekistan.

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This is a book for anybody, who has visited the bazaars of Marrakesh, Fez, Cairo, Istanbul or a dozen others and been overwhelmed by them. In learning how the markets came into being along the camel routes, how the spices arrived and the traditional crafts developed, the Westener is offered the most human possible introduction to Islam, its society and philosophy of life. Even if it does omit anything about the ongoing conflicts of the region, we already know all of that. I have actually visited half of the bazaars featured in this book, and therefore I can attest to the accuracy of the information provided.

This book captures the variety, texture, and atmosphere of the bazaar.

  1. Marco Polo Reiseführer Wien by Walter M. Weiss;
  2. Self-Fulfilling Prophecy: A Practical Guide to Its Use in Education (School Librarianship).
  3. Download e-book Über Venedig. Der Stadtführer. (Jourist Städteführer) (German Edition).

The only aspects missing are the sounds and the aromas. Of special interest and value are the maps of each bazaar, for wandering through a suq can be an overpowering experience. Nowhere else have I come upon this type of information. The photos are well done, showing both the people and their surroundings accurately, but beautifully. This book makes me want to pay a return visit to a bazaar soon.

Manual Über Venedig. Der Stadtführer. (Jourist Städteführer) (German Edition)

Morocco has been influenced by an incredible variety of peoples. Modern Moroccan society is no less rich and varied.

Travel Guide & Offline Map MARCO POLO attractions, restaurants and much more.

In this book, Walter M. Weiss travels the breadth and depth of these social and geographical contrasts. On the way, he meets acrobats, Sufi musicians, pilgrims, craftsmen, beatniks, rabbis and Berber farmers, among many others. To portray a religion as complex as Islam definitively within the span of two hundred pages is not only a challenge, but to some extent also an impossibility.

As a result, this work makes no claim to being a comprehensive study. Instead, it offers a readable introduction to the world of Islam and a practical survey of a religious movement whose influence on world affairs has been steadily increasing in recent years - a religion which, especially since the fall of Communism, has often been misunderstood and designated as a new ideological threat by the post- Enlightenment, liberal West.

From its beginnings, the history of Islam has been inextricably intertwined with Arabian culture and history. Whether as warlike crusaders or peaceable tradesmen, Arabs carried their new religion to the shores of the Atlantic and the China Sea and into the inner recesses of Africa and Asia. In the course of this expansion, Islam was naturally enough adopted by many non- Arab peoples, sometimes by choice, sometimes by coercion.

Lets Play Assassins Creed II (PC) Stadtführung duch venedig [45] german

Accordingly, this book addresses both the common principles of the Islamic faith as well as the numerous regional forms that arose in response to various cultural contacts through the ages. Unity and diversity - by means of systematic adherence to these two only seemingly contradictory phenomena that characterize Islam, this book traces the large patterns in the historical development of Islam and the political developments intimately connected to them.

In addition, such controversial and much- debated issues as the status of women and the pervasive trend to re- Islamization will be addressed. In addition, this work hopes to mediate between the religious and spiritual worlds of East and West, between two realms that have again and again been polarized into far too antithetical categories during the course of almost 1. Stunning photographs and an engaging narrative depict sweeping landscapes, ultra- modern cities and a people who are rooted in their traditions but also open to progress and waiting to welcome visitors to their countries.

These images will provide both residents and visitors alike with a lasting record of two extraordinary lands. Skyscrapers and Bedouin tents, luxury cars side by side with camels Nowhere else in the world can such marked contrasts in culture be found as within this region between the Arabian Gulf and the Indian Ocean.

A closer look reveals that carefully preserved traditions and unlimited trust in modern technology can combine to create a society which is a model of political stability and tolerance, with high standards of administration, organisation and health care.

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Only the spectacular and varied landspace surpasses this fascinating cultural spectacle. Not only are there the legendary frankincense trees, the pearl banks and the oil reserves, but also a wild and rugged mountain range with palm- fringed wadis, endless desert dunes, countless pristine sandy beaches, a sea which is a paradise for divers, and - in the south of Oman - a lushly fertile strip of land with a subtropical monsoon climate.

It is concluded by interviews with representatives from different sectors of the population and professions, whilst the glossary provides descriptions of the regions, places and cultural sites worthy of a visit.