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In order to perform their duties the nurses need to perform an effective interpersonal communication with the elderly. Interpersonal communication activities have influence in building a relationship with the elderly in order to provide guidance, supervision and encouragement to the elderly.

The theory used in this research is theory of communication, interpersonal communication, social penetration theory, concept of nurses, the elderly and nursing homes.

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This study used descriptive qualitative method and authors conducted in-depth interviews with four informants, namely two nurses and two elderly people, also made observation and doing literature study. Penelitian ini membahas mengenai komunikasi antarpribadi yang dilakukan antara perawat dengan lansia yang tinggal di panti jompo. Pendirian panti jompo merupakan salah satu usaha pemerintah dalam menangani masalah kesejahteraan sosial untuk para lansia. Seperti panti-panti jompo lainnya Panti Lansia Santa Anna juga memiliki perawat-perawat yang bertugas untuk merawat, mengurus, dan mengasuh para lansia yang tinggal di panti.

Untuk dapat menjalankan tugas serta perannya perawat perlu. Claiming justice: knowing mental illness in the public art of Anna Schuleit's 'Habeas Corpus' and 'Bloom'. This study investigates two public art performances by artist Anna Schuleit in the early s commemorating the life and history of two state hospitals 'asylums' in Massachusetts and the people who built, worked, and were patients in them.

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Public art is made for and sited in the public domain, outside, freely accessible, frequently collaborative, and often ephemeral. This study addresses a series of questions: What can public art 'do' for understanding mental illness? What use is a public art project for those living with and caring for those who live with mental illness? How can a public work of art sustain and portray meaning in an expressive way, open up a shared discursive space, and demand witness through embodiment? Burst muscle performance predicts the speed, acceleration, and turning performance of Anna 's hummingbirds.

Despite recent advances in the study of animal flight, the biomechanical determinants of maneuverability are poorly understood. It is thought that maneuverability may be influenced by intrinsic body mass and wing morphology, and by physiological muscle capacity, but this hypothesis has not yet been evaluated because it requires tracking a large number of free flight maneuvers from known individuals. We used an automated tracking system to record flight sequences from 20 Anna 's hummingbirds flying solo and in competition in a large chamber. We found that burst muscle capacity predicted most performance metrics.

Hummingbirds with higher burst capacity flew with faster velocities, accelerations, and rotations, and they used more demanding complex turns. In contrast, body mass did not predict variation in maneuvering performance, and wing morphology predicted only the use of arcing turns and high centripetal accelerations.

Collectively, our results indicate that burst muscle capacity is a key predictor of maneuverability. Stress corrosion cracking of Alloy and nickel-based weld materials has been the single biggest challenge facing the PWR industry. A fundamental and thorough knowledge was needed to properly explain this phenomenon and develop appropriate mitigation strategies. The first phase involved selection and removal of six penetrations from the RVH and penetration decontamination, replication and laboratory NDE. The second phase consisted of a detailed destructive examination of penetration number This paper provides a summary of work undertaken during this program.

Criteria for selection of penetrations for removal and procedures used in removal of the penetrations are described.

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Extreme care was undertaken in decontamination of the penetrations to facilitate laboratory NDE. Penetration number 54 was then subjected to destructive examination to establish a correlation between NDE findings from both field and laboratory inspections and actual flaws. Additional objectives of the destructive examination included mechanistic assessment of defect formation and investigation of the annulus environment and wastage characterization.

Data obtained from these studies is invaluable in validating safety assessment statements by developing the correlation between field NDE and actual defects. In addition, information gathered from non-destructive and destructive examinations is used to assess accuracy of the NDE techniques. This study aimed to determine the prevalence of Babesia species DNA in lung exudate samples collected from red foxes Vulpes vulpes from across Great Britain.

Babesia are small piroplasmid parasites which are mainly transmitted through the bite of infected ticks of the family Ixodidae. Babesia can cause potentially fatal disease in a wide-range of mammalian species including humans, dogs and cattle, making them of significant economic importance to both the medical and veterinary fields. DNA was extracted from lung exudate samples of foxes. A selection of positive PCR amplicons were purified and sequenced.

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Subsequently specific primers were designed to detect Babesia annae and used to screen all DNA samples. Randomly selected positive samples were purified and sequenced GenBank accession KT Clones spanning a bp region of the 18S rRNA gene were generated from 2 positive samples, the resultant consensus sequence was submitted to GenBank KT The central region of England had the highest prevalence at Male foxes were found to have a higher prevalence of Babesia annae DNA than females in all regions of Britain.

This is the first time that Babesia annae DNA has been reported in red foxes in Great Britain with positive samples being found across England and Scotland indicating that this parasite is well established within the.

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Die Zitruskultur am Hofe Ferdinands I. Evaluation of Proctophyllodes huitzilopochtlii on feathers from Anna 's Calypte anna and Black-chinned Archilochus alexandri Hummingbirds: Prevalence assessment and imaging analysis using light and tabletop scanning electron microscopy.

Of these hummingbirds evaluated, mites were present on the rectrices of Significantly more Anna 's Hummingbirds were positive for rectricial mites Her performance represents a breaking of paradigms that tend to cancel the participation of women in economic and political activities, and led to her recognition as a woman far ahead of the time in which she lived. Although it was not possible to find technical records kept by Anna Jansen throughout her life, it has been possible through primary documents to gain knowledge that she had great dexterity for the administration of her properties and assets.

Latin and knitting. In the literary production of Anna Franchi, autobiographical elements and fictions become an inseparable issue. Latino e calza. On presentation, the fox was weak and had pale mucous membranes. A complete blood count and a serum biochemistry profile were performed. Blood smear examination revealed low numbers of erythrocytes containing centrally to paracentrally located, single, rarely multiple, approximately 1 x 2 microm, oval to round organisms with morphology similar to Babesia microti.

Results were positive for a Babesia microti-like parasite genetically identical to Babesia Theileria annae. The fox was euthanized due to poor prognosis for recovery. Necropsy examination revealed multifocal to locally extensive subacute nonsuppurative meningoencephalitis, an eosinophilic broncho-pneumonia, a moderate diffuse vacuolar hepatopathy, and lesions associated with blunt trauma to the left abdominal region.

This is the first reported case of a red fox in Canada infected with a piroplasm. It remains uncertain whether the presence of this hemoparasite in this fox was pathogenic or an incidental finding.

The potential for competent vectors of Babesia species on Prince Edward Island, the potential for this Babesia microti-like parasite to infect other wild and domestic canids, and the significance of this parasite to the health of infected individuals are yet to be determined. Through this unique correspondence including the first part of her Verses dedicated to Bohemia we gain the certainty that Tsvetaeva discovered in Prague and in the Czech lands an idealized model of a pacific, beautiful and faithful Homeland.

It reveals significant aspects of the way knowledge was gendered in the Enlightenment, which is relevant to the present-day education of girls in science. It aims to illustrate how members of the Lichfield Botanical Society headed by Erasmus Darwin became implicated in debates around the education of women in Linnaean botany. The Society's translations from Linnaeus inspired a new genre of women's educational writing, the botanical poem with scientific notes, which emerged at this time.

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It focuses in particular on a poem by Anna Seward and argues that significant problems regarding the representation of the Linnaean sexual system of botany are found in such works and that women in the culture of botany struggled to give voice to a subject which was judged improper for female education. The story of this unique poem and the surrounding controversies can teach us much about how gender impacted upon women's scientific writing in eighteenth century Britain, and how it shaped the language and terminology of botany in works for female education.

In particular, it demonstrates how the sexuality of plants uncovered by Linnaeus is a paradigmatic illustration of how societal forces can simultaneously both constrict and stimulate women's involvement in science. Full Text Available The article deals with the stylistic peculiarities of the translations made by R. Pevear and L. Volokhonsky, L. Maud, J. Carmichael of the novel Anna Karenina by L.

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Tolstoy on the basis of pragmastylistics and comparative analysis. It tries to analyze the text of the novel using the lingo-stylistic characteristics in accordance with the national bias in the way of thinking and individual creative preferences of every translator taking an attempt to introduce a foreign picture of the world to his countrymen. Altered phenotypic expression of immunoglobulin heavy-chain variable-region VH genes in Alicia rabbits probably reflects a small deletion in the VH genes closest to the joining region.

Rabbits of the Alicia strain have a mutation ali that segregates with the immunoglobulin heavy-chain lgh locus and has a cis effect upon the expression of heavy-chain variable-region VH genes encoding the a2 allotype.