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Rather like he's moonlight too, warming and lighting up what's clearly a dark , chilly room. Just as the furniture is transformed by the moonlight, Goerne infuses the text with tenderness and elusive feeling. This isn't a song for big bluster declamation: Goerne sings softly, but firmly, and you feel that as long as someone can care so deeply, the happiness of love will never be lost. Goerne's accompanied by Elisabeth Leonskaja. Read about it HERE.

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It's an ambitious project -- no less than a complete traverse of Schubert's songs for low male voice. Each release is arranged around a mood. Since Goerne is working with top pianists with whom he's been closely connected, each set is beautiful personal and intimate.

This makes it different from some compilations, like chronological ones, or those collated from single performances or from different recordings. Each one's a kind of statement of what the art can do. DG isn't making a big marketing bonanza of this series, going instead for quality, subtlety and class.

It's something that those in the know will seek out rather than have it thrust down their throats. Rather like the moonlight apparition in Der Winterabend! Lieder isn't a mass-market genre geared to quick thrills, but this series is, I think, essential for those seriously interested in Schubert and intelligent, thoughtful and genuinely felt Lieder. There are thousands of song texts on Emily Ezust's site. Accept no imitations and support it generously as it's a project of love. An einem Winterabend gelangt der vermeintliche Landvermesser K. Als K. Erfolglos versucht K.

Bei der Familie des Schlossboten Barnabas kann K.

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Der Winterabend (The Winter Evening), D.938

Martinslied - Martin song. Source Language Term Martinslied Correct? Martin, St. Martin ritt durch Schnee und Wind, sein Ross, das trug ihn fort geschwind. Martin ritt mit leichtem Mut, sein Mantel deckt ihn warm und gut.

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Martin mit dem Schwerte teilt den warmen Mantel unverweilt. Martin gibt den halben still, der Bettler rasch ihm danken will. Martin aber ritt in Eil hinweg mit seinem Mantelteil. Martin rode through snow and wind, his steed, it carried him on apace.

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Martin rode with valor, his cloak about him well and warm. Martin reins in his steed, it stands still by the poor old man. Martin with his sword divides the warm cloak forthwith. Martin gives one half of his cloak, the beggar wants to thank him quickly. But St. Martin already rode in haste away with his half of the cloak. I've got a real good one here. I translated the St. I noticed that you omitted the rhymes - it would go down better in rhymes. Comment Well, it's going to be in an academic paper - so not really sung, but would be nice if it would get the right rhythm anyway. I have a really hard time with the rhymes Comment That's nice of you Daddy but I don't need help writing my paper.

I just need help getting the translation straight : What is wrong with "sein Mantel deckt ihn warm und gut. I translated that one fairly literal Comment re 3: I wouldn't spell out St. Should the title not just be something like 'Martinmas Carol'? Martinmas is unknown in the US, but I think that's the traditional term.

Ein Winterabend - Georg Trakl -

In Britain it's probably at least somewhat familiar because IIRC it marks one of the academic terms, or used to. Your version looks generally good to me; here are some further ideas. The meter should work, even if it's not rhymed. Well, more or less. I don't know the tune, so I'm sort of guessing. Martin rode through snow and wind, his steed, it carried him apace.